Bikes and Boards September 2021

Bikes and Boards

Lockdown or not, wheels just keep on spinnin’. Right now in Featherston, two groups are investigating some exciting opportunities for ways to get people moving and stay active. Why not check them out and see if you’re interested in getting involved? 

Aroha for Featherston Skatepark 

A little over ten years ago, legendary volunteers like Reanne Tawharu and others mobilised youth to beautify the skatepark, including an art wall featuring local youth’s names. Well, some of the names on that wall have now got kids of their own! And some of the skatepark facilities could also use a little bit of TLC. 

Enter a new group of local parents and kids calling themselves Aroha for Featherston Skatepark (AfFS). This fast-growing movement already has over 200 people signed up to their Facebook page. A couple of representatives presented the skatepark rejuvenation idea to Featherston Community Board at the August FCB meeting, and the AfFS team will be working with youth and SWDC to come up with an awesome customised plan for the skatepark that everyone can have their say on. 

So if you’re interested, please head over to the ‘Aroha for Featherston Skatepark’ page on Facebook to link up and be a part of the action! We’re looking to get everyone involved, so that everyone gets a chance to see a part of themselves in our new rejuvenated skatepark. 

Wairarapa Moana Trail

For a couple of years now, some locals have been looking at creating an opportunity to link Featherston township with Wairarapa Moana – the eye of Maui’s fish. They’ve now secured funding to start planning and investigating the different ways down to the lake. 

Philosophically speaking, trails can often be metaphors for a journey. A moana trail could acknowledge and teach about the precious bird and aquatic life in nearby ecosystems. A trail could signpost and educate about wahi tapu – areas culturally or spiritually significant to Māori – using local motifs such as kaituna (eel). A trail can drive a journey of fitness by inspiring regular exercise – or even kindle an internal journey of reconnection with one’s own whakapapa (lineage).  
If you have any thoughts or would like to be a part of the team, please write to