About Us

Fab Feathy has now wrapped up it’s mahi, finishing in early February 2024.

Fab Feathy Steering Group

Our steering group meets once a month and is responsible for the governance of Fab Feathy. They are all passionate members of the Featherston Community, who bring their skills and opinions to the running of Fab Feathy.

The Steering Group members are:

Shane Baldwin
Marina Lira
Abbie McKee
Helen Cox

Darren Kerr and Alison Woollard– non-voting members of our Steering Group, Darren and Alison attend to represent Wairarapa REAP, our fundholder.
Winnie Mahowa – a super-knowledgeable non-voting member of our group who represents the Department of Internal Affairs

Fab Feathy facilitators

Our community facilitator/kaiwhakarato is Hana Makin. 

Our part-time facilitator is employed by Wairarapa REAP using funding from the Department of Internal Affairs.

She is based at the Featherston Community Centre, and usually has an open office door. Drop in and say hi!

What drew you to being a part of Fab Feathy?

Featherston is such a great place to live, the people are awesome, and there’s so much happening. When the role came up at Fab Feathy, I just knew I wanted to be a part of it.

What are three things you like most about Featherston?

I’m a recent arrival to Featherston (Dec 2020), and the first thing I noticed here is how friendly and welcoming everyone is! So number one is definitely the people. The swimming hole is a big bonus of living here in Pae Tū Mokai, especially when it gets so hot in summer – I’m from the North of England so find warm temperatures a challenge! And my third thing is all of the community events we have in our town, why would you want to be anywhere else?

What sort of things have you done in the past?

I studied archaeology at university in York, and was particularly interested in community archaeology. Prior to my role at Fab Feathy, I worked in audience development for a heritage organisation, with a focus on education. I love working in such varied organisations, all of my previous roles have had community at the heart.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I live with my husband and dog and we enjoy spending time outdoors, either in the garden or going on walks and exploring our incredible local landscape. I’m also a jeweller, so spend a lot of my time making shiny things from silver. I’m quite creative so have a few (too many?) other creative hobbies too!