Our community plan

Our Future Featherston

Featherston’s community plan – ‘Our Future Featherston’ – sets out the vision and aspirations that emerged from the community engagement. It identifies 15 themes and groups the project ideas under these.

Vision and aspirations

During Fab Feathy’s engagement with the community, the working group learnt that people in Featherston believe it is a great place to live; has a wonderful community filled with diverse, interesting, talented, caring and community-minded people; and is bursting with potential.

The following vision and aspirations emerged from the conversations:

Our vision

As a community, we want to fully realise the potential we can see Featherston is bursting with while retaining and enhancing what makes our town and community distinctive and great.

Our aspirations

  1. ‘Community’ is nurtured in Featherston. We have fun together, we are connected, resilient and self-sustaining.
  2. Featherston is a destination town for visitors, known for:
    –  artisan food and artisan retail
    –  being a vibrant hub of creativity, arts, books, culture and heritage
    –  being connected to accessible outdoor recreation in our beautiful natural surroundings.
  3. Featherston values and takes care to conserve, protect, restore, and revitalise our outstanding natural environment.
  4. Featherston has the infrastructure needed to attract and support creators, innovators and businesses to invest in setting up here.
  5. Featherston has the amenities, services and infrastructure to be a great ‘liveable’ town, from cradle to grave.


Fab Feathy’s engagement with the community produced a large number of project ideas, which are grouped in the community plan under 15 themes. These were then prioritised by the community – and are listed below in that order:

  1. Main street
  2. Young people
  3. Employment, income and business development
  4. Cycle and walking trails
  5. Swimming pool complex improvements
  6. ‘Liveable’ amenities, services and infrastructure
  7. Natural surroundings, including Wairarapa Moana
  8. More public art
  9. Destination Featherston
  10. Better housing and healthcare for the elderly
  11. Community is nurtured
  12. History and heritage
  13. Waste not, want not
  14. Food and gardening
  15. Children and childcare