Feed and Fund Round Two

Fab Feathy and the Featherston Communtiy Centre joined forces to run our second Feed and Fund event, and it was such a great evening. There were some marvellous pitches, so in case you missed it (or you want reminding), read on to find out more!

Featherston Community Garden

Pitched by Tanja Schubert-McArthur and Amanda Bradley

What’s your project?

Imagine it’s the year 2028, you walk along Fitzherbert Street to get your Friday takeaways, but when you walk past St Andrews you hear chatter and laughter and decide to check it out. As you walk around to the back of the church you stumble upon a secret garden you didn’t know existed: veggies in raised beds grow happily next to sunflowers, tamariki play with caterpillars on the swan plants and a group of people of all ages husk corn while having a yarn. Someone comes over to greet you and offers you a slice of apple pie made from the fruits harvested. You ditch the takeaways and take a seat at the picnic table. 

The plot – soon to become a hive of activity!

Welcome to the community garden! Nau mai, haere mai ki te mārā o Paetūmōkai! This is a community garden that is open to everyone who wants to learn about growing their own food and we will run workshops to teach people skills. This garden can fill our community pantry and connect people!

How will this/does this benefit the Featherston Community? 

Research shows the many benefits of communities gardening, beyond just harvesting a bunch of kale that might be healthy to eat and providing the community with food security.

Spending time connected to nature can improve our mental wellbeing. People who participate in community gardens are more hopeful, positive, energised, and optimistic about the future. They have improved levels of attention, life satisfaction and self-esteem. 

We want our garden to be a place of belonging where we can grow social capital, where we can support others and build new relationships. 

We are an informal group which formed last year after St Andrew’s Church offered their back yard to Fab Feathy as a potential space for a community garden. The group have had several meetings and one workshop planting daffodils at the garden site. The goal is to build a community garden that will grow food for the community, share skills and resources. With outcomes of community wellbeing, social capital, and improved food security. 

How do people contact your group/how do they get involved?

Do you want to learn some new ideas and tricks for your own backyard?
Do you have a green thumb and want to pass on your skills?
Why not join our motivated group of gardeners and wannabe gardeners who are keen to get their hands dirty? All ages welcome!

Join us on Facebook: “Featherston Community Garden Planning”.

Or come to our workshop preparing a bed for planting kumara on Matariki July 14th (check the Facebook page for details).

Wairarapa Moana Trail

Pitched by Geoff Thurston

What’s your project?

Wairarapa Moana is a precious local Taonga of historical, ecological, cultural and community importance. A group of Featherston residents got together when they found that they were all interested in getting a cycle trail running from Featherston to Wairarapa Moana. The vast majority of feedback received from the community when it has been sought, has been very positive.

In conjuction with Fab Feathy a feasability study was carried out that investigated a number of routes that could be taken. The route chosen was a combination of state highway,  paper road and rail corridor, and will link in with Pae Tu Mokai o Tauira Te Whare Whakapapa at its midpoint. The trail forms a part of the Five Towns Trail and Remutaka Great Ride. It also gives rise to other short rides of interest that could be added at a later stage.

Proposed trail

How will this/does this benefit the Featherston Community? 

It is estimated that there would be over 10,000 users in the first year of trail operation. It is also estimated that for every dollar invested in its construction the trail would return four dollars to the region. The benefits to the local and regional communities make the proposed trail a good investment for potential funders.

How do people contact your group/how do they get involved?

A Moana Trail Trust has been formed to guide this project through, but as time has gone on and for a variety of reasons some members have moved on. We are needing replacements who share our enthusiasm for this vision. Interested people can get in touch with us via the good folk at Fab Feathy.

Featherston Beautification Group

Pitched by Julia Reed

What’s your project?

Our group tries to have multiple projects on the go, currently the big one is to get our entrance ways back on the outskirts of town and complete our 3rd one. As we request funds from other areas and need to show we are also proactive in our own fund raising, which we do with our annual calendar and our community picking garden and sales Nursery.  For our garden we are looking to fund a picnic table to enhance this area and make it a place people can sit and enjoy our Fridge  library at  No 2 Bell St . 

How will this/does this benefit the Featherston Community? 

The funds we raise go towards our beautifying Featherston main Streets and parks.  Which we hope bring a smile and a pride to those passing through and who choose to live in Featherston. 

How do people contact your group/how do they get involved?

The best way to contact us is email Featherston.b.g@gmail.com, we do have a fb page FBG Featherston beautification group

Youth Hub – Wairarapa Whanau Trust

Pitched by Tahlia Steedman, Naliyah Namana and Taizak Walker

What’s your project?

A Youth Hub on the main street of Featherston – based at Common Ground.

How will this/does this benefit the Featherston Community? 

Young people have skills and gifts but often needs a platform for that wisdom to be heard. This will be a space down the main street where they can discover their talents and gifts, and where there’ll be regular workshops and activities.

How do people contact your group/how do they get involved?

Contact Tahlia Steedman at tahlia@wairarapawhanautrust.com