Feed and Fund Round 2: FAQs

We’re excited to announce that Feed and Fund is back for Round Two!

Wednesday 10th May, 6.30 – 8.30 pm at the Featherston Community Centre.

What is Feed and Fund?

It’s a community micro-funding event, where a $10 entry fee (gold coin for tamariki under 16) gets you your supper and a vote. Spend the evening listening to pitches, chatting with your community and voting for your favourite project. The winner takes home all the money in the kitty to help make their project a reality!

Why should you get your community group involved?

We’re seeking 4-6 community groups or projects to pitch at this event. The winner of the first event (Featherston Athletics) took away $451.10 to go towards their project, but all of the pitches were able to showcase their mahi to a group of 50+ local community members. Great publicity and a chance for some great conversations!

How do we get involved? (Community group)

If you would like your group to pitch at the event, please fill out this form. To give your project the highest chance of success, ensure that it is providing a genuine benefit to the Featherston Community and that you are excited about it! 

See the document below for our top tips on creating a perfect pitch!

How do we get involved? (Community member)

Please come along to the event, and engage with our wonderful groups! Ask them questions, learn about the good mahi happening here in Featherston and meet others in your community. The soup is delicious, and so is the company!

Entry is $10 per person (under 16s are gold coin) and this entry fee gets you your supper and a vote. All entry fees go straight into the winners kitty.

Wednesday 10th May, 6.30 – 8.30 pm at the Featherston Community Centre.

Four images showing a variety of different angles of the Feed & Fund 2022 pitchers, MC Mark Shepherd, curious audience members, and eventual winners Featherston Athletics Club.
Clockwise from top-left: 1. Amanda Cuff pitches for the Mini Fell; 2. Attendees were eager to probe and question each pitch; 3. Mark Shepherd reminding us all to work together at a grassroots level; 4. Winners are grinners – the victorious athletics club with deputy mayor Melissa Sadler-Futter.