Fab Feathy 2023

We’re thrilled to be able to announce that we have received funding for a ‘transitional’ year, so Fab Feathy will still be around in 2023! This is different than our current partnership with the DIA (which ends at the beginning of Feb 23), and will involve only one facilitator, and some slightly changed priorities.

We will be focusing on closing some of the big projects we have underway (such as an ongoing bicultural and bilingual project) and capturing learnings from our CLD experience that will benefit not only our community, but other CLD’s around the country. We will also be developing options to continue Fab Feathy beyond the transitional year (watch this space!).

We’ll be doing all this while continuing to support our community. On that – our practical support to the community will look a little different next year. With some lofty goals and less facilitators, we’ll be trying to do more with less. That might mean we’re a little less available than in the past, but rest assured, we’re still here and working for Featherston!

Our 2023 priorities:

  1. Closing Projects Well. This workstream is focused on wrapping up incomplete projects.
  2. Capturing Fab Feathy’s Mahi. This workstream is focused on documenting and sharing Fab Feathy’s experience during the partnership so that community-led development (CLD) can continue to flourish in Featherston, and other CLD’s can benefit from Fab Feathy’s experiences.
  3. Designing and Implementing the Future Fab Feathy. This workstream is focused on designing and implementing a model that enables Fab Feathy to continue beyond the transitional year.
  4. Continuing to Add Value to Featherston. This workstream is focused on continuing to deliver the value that is outlined in our value propositions (e.g., creating connections, reinforcing community) and supporting Featherston to achieve the aspirations captured in the 2017 Future Featherston Plan and 2022 Community Survey.
Our community vision from 2017

Windy Wheels Bike Track at Featherston School

A group of passionate locals have been working on community bike tracks, based on the Bikes In Schools model. This is on land gifted to the project by Featherston School – Te Kura o Pae Tū Mōkai. 

This project fit in perfectly with the community led development principles, and so was a great project for Fab Feathy to support. We were able to source significant funding for this project via the DIA CLD fund, which has paid for the installation of two bike tracks and a container to store and work on bikes for the community. The group have also sourced funding elsewhere to keep this project sustainable.

The initial riding track was opened in March 2021, with the school reporting that the tamariki use the track regularly on the breaks.

The opening of the first bike track in March 2021

The group have worked with the tamariki, visiting local bike tracks and working out what they think will work well for the Windy Wheels track. The tamariki presented their findings and ideas to the working group at the end of 2021.

A selection of awesome ideas from the tamariki

The skills track was opened on 19th September 2022, with a series of ‘pedal for your parakuihi’ events, with all community members welcome to test out their skills.

Opening event for the Skills Track, Sept 2022

Who participated/benefitted?

The working group for the Windy Wheels bike track is made up of local volunteers, who are passionate about our local tamariki having access to bikes and skills. A group of students from the kura helped the group to research other bike tracks in the area, and designed their own bike track.

The group have partnered with another local group, Ā Mua resource centre, to run bike repair workshops and drop in events. These regular events upskill our community in bike maintenance, and also fix up bikes that were heading for landfill – gifting them to our community.

Saturday afternoon workshop

The local Menzshed have also worked on this project, helping with the building of the obstacles for the skills track.

All members of the community have been welcomed onto the bike tracks, including the two other schools and local early childhood centres.

Awesome working bee vollies ahead of the skills track opening – Aug 2022

Two high-quality bike tracks have been created for our community, as well as a container workshop/storage area. The space is welcoming and friendly, with planting and benches available for those who need a rest after so much biking!

The skills track and rest area

Working bees and opening events have provided opportunities for the community to reconnect and spend time with each other now that covid restrictions are a thing of the past.

Access to the bike library has meant all of our community are able to access bikes and increase their skills, and the regular workshops the group are holding means that bike repair skills are being passed around our whole town.

This group have overcome so many challenges over the period of this project, with many covid-related cancellations, shortage of supplies and contractors. What they have created is a fantastic amenity for our community, and with the cost of living increasing pressures on family transportation, more bikes in our community is hugely beneficial.

Opening day of the skills track – lots of fun

Local funding opportunities

Below is a list of some of the funders that may be able to help you with your community group or project. We will update this list as we come across any other funds.

Please click through to the funders website to find the most up to date information. And as always, if you would like any support, call in to see us at the Community Centre.

Eastern Central Community Trust: Eastern & Central Community Trust’s aim is to support community initiatives that can help build stronger, more sustainable communities
The Community Assets & Facilities Fund (CAFF) is for capital developments and is designed to help communities create and maintain the community assets and facilities needed to meaningfully participate in community life. If you have a community asset that needs to be built, developed or maintained, and you’re looking for between $30,000 – $250,000 this is the fund to apply to.”
The Grassroots Fund is to ensure communities have access to services, events and initiatives that they value. The goals of the fund are to maintain valuable community services, events, clubs and other community initiatives; support a range of social and recreational activities that help build stronger, more sustainable communities; and build capacity and collaboration.”

Featherston’s Own Charitable Trust: application forms are available to pick up from the Op Shop

South Wairarapa Rotary: You can apply for funding from Rotary at any time.  Their objectives are: “To foster the betterment and enjoyment of residents of the South Wairarapa district. To benefit as many as possible within the South Wairarapa community.” You can read their information sheet here, and apply for funding here.

Trust House: Has multiple funding rounds each year. The funding must go towards an event or initiative that enhances one or more of their communities: Wairarapa, Flaxmere, Pahiatua, Rimutaka or Porirua. Check their website for funding round dates and application forms.

The Lion Foundation: Funds are available for charitable, philanthropic or cultural purposes that benefits the local community. Funding is distributed between the areas of community, which includes arts and culture (30%), health (15%), sport (40%) and education (15%). You can apply using their form here.

Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa provides funding for programmes or projects delivering play, active recreation, and sport experiences for tamariki and rangatahi. These may be new or already operating. Nuku Ora is proud to be managing the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund on behalf of Sport NZ for the wider Wellington region, with a total of $1,423,435.00 to distribute over the next 12 months.

Supervalue Community Cash Each month, every SuperValue Supermarket will make a charitable donation to a deserving community group or individual as part of the SuperValue Community Cash charitable grant program. If you are a community group such as a club, school or trust, or an individual with a community project underway and just need a hand, you could be chosen as your local SuperValue Supermarket’s monthly recipient. At least $200 is donated by every store, every month.

Freshchoice Community Fund: If you are a community group such as a club, school or trust, or an individual with a community project underway and just need a hand, you could be chosen as your local FreshChoice Supermarket’s monthly recipient of at least $500

Nikau Foundation: Nikau Foundation understands that every organisation needs different kinds of support to grow and give back to the community. Whether you need help to keep the lights on and rent paid, to expand key services, to keep great team members or to transform blue sky ideas into reality, Nikau Foundation may be able to help.  
The 2023 Grants Round is open 20th Feb – 20th March

DIA Administered Funds:

Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) – the objectives of the Wairarapa COGS committee are:

  • Organisations are connected and collaborate to achieve sustainable community outcomes.
  • Geographically and socially isolated members of our community are connected and have access to services.
  • People accessing mental health, disability, prevention and early intervention services are supported and integrated into the community.
  • People are empowered to engage and positively contribute to their local communities, including the environment.
  • Vulnerable people/youth/whanau are strengthened and empowered to be socially and physically and mentally well. 
  • Volunteers are valued, well trained and resourced.
  • Te Āo Māori/Māori aspirations are enhanced and supported in our rohe/region.

Lottery Grants – there are a number of Lottery Grants available, including the Lottery Environment and Heritage Fund, the  Lottery Community Fund and the Lottery Community Facilities Fund.

Both COGS and Lotteries funding is administered by the DIA. We are lucky here in the Wairarapa to have Winifred Mahowa as our local advisor. Please contact her with any questions you may have, she is a wealth of knowledge and a champion for Wairarapa community projects.

SWDC Administered Funds:

Featherston Community Board: The community board can normally dish out small grants (up to $500). One of their key functions is to work with and support community groups. You can also present to them to have your project on the official council paper trails. You can apply using this form.

Māori Standing Committee: The Māori Standing Committee considers grant applications at their 6-weekly meetings. The maximum grant that can be applied is $500 for individuals and $1,000 for non-profit organisations.

Council Community and Youth Grants

Creative Communities Scheme: The Creative Communities Scheme supports and encourages local communities to create and present diverse opportunities for accessing and participating in arts activities within the South Wairarapa. You can check the application guidelines here.